The Coastal Haven of Point Clear Landing

Point Clear Landing offers an idyllic coastal living experience, beautifully situated on the shores of Mobile Bay and boasting unparalleled views of the serene waters. Nestled in the sought-after Point Clear area of Fairhope, Alabama, this condo community presents a unique lifestyle opportunity that seamlessly blends the tranquility of bayfront living with the lush landscapes of the nearby Lakewood golf course. For those seeking a peaceful retreat that doesn’t compromise on accessibility to city amenities, Point Clear Landing stands out as a premier choice.

Located just 3 miles west of Hwy. 98 and 3 miles south of 104, Point Clear Landing remains conveniently close to the heart of Fairhope. The condos’ proximity to Mobile Bay not only offers residents stunning vistas and easy access to water-related activities but also places them across from the prestigious Lakewood golf course, creating a perfect blend of coastal and golf course living. This strategic location ensures that the beauty of Alabama’s Gulf Coast is the backdrop to daily life, offering moments of relaxation amidst the natural surroundings.


Point Clear provides a quiet, laid-back atmosphere that is synonymous with Southern elegance and coastal leisure. Living in Point Clear Landing means embracing this lifestyle, where days can be spent exploring the bay, engaging in golf or simply enjoying the breathtaking sunsets that Mobile Bay is known for.

The condos at Point Clear Landing are designed to maximize the beauty of their coastal setting. With spacious layouts, modern amenities and balconies that overlook the bay, residents can enjoy comfort and luxury in their everyday surroundings. The community’s design reflects a commitment to quality and aesthetic appeal, ensuring that each home is a sanctuary for its residents.

At Level Property Management, we are dedicated to enhancing the living experience of residents at Point Clear Landing. Our comprehensive property management services ensure that the beauty and serenity of the community are maintained to the highest standards, allowing residents to fully enjoy their coastal lifestyle without the burdens of property upkeep. From landscaping to maintenance and beyond, our team is committed to upholding the values of luxury, comfort and community that make Point Clear Landing so special.

The unbeatable location of Point Clear Landing makes it a highly sought-after community for those looking to experience modern-day Fairhope living. Choosing Point Clear Landing means choosing a life where the beauty of the Gulf Coast is an integral part of your daily experience, supported by the professional and attentive services of Level Property Management.