One of your business goals as a rental property owner is to consistently generate income by keeping the property occupied. Property expenses need to be consistently paid and this can be covered by rental income if you have reduced vacancy rates.

Property upkeep and expenses still need to be paid regularly even when you have vacancies. Therefore diligent marketing of your rentals is necessary to prevent you from paying for these costs out of pocket.

At Level Property Management Group, we believe that you can maximize your properties’ exposure by advertising them efficiently. With the right strategy, you can generate more interest in prospective tenants.

Importance of Advertising Your Fairhope Rental Property Successfully

Effectively marketing your Fairhope property will reach potential tenants and become a good avenue for them to access information about your rental.

Advertising your rental property in this day and age allows you to meaningfully engage with interested tenants. This makes your property easily accessible and allows you to answer questions in real time.

This can attract long-term renters and encourage them in making informed decisions before finally signing the lease. As a result, long-term tenants let you earn passive income that pays off property maintenance, mortgage payments, and other fees.

3 Tips for Advertising your Rental

Advertising of your rental property is deemed effective if it promotes customer engagement. We’ve put together a list of reasonable techniques for grabbing potential tenants’ attention and successfully marketing your property.

Property Staging and Photoshoot

Your rental property must be appealing to your potential tenants and encourage them to envision themselves living there. Here are things you need to keep in mind to produce high-quality photos:

  • Stage the Property – To properly set the mood of each room in the house, you must make sure that the home is clean and things are where they’re supposed to be. Whether you’re using props or not when staging the property, the house must appear organized and ready to rent.
  • Invest in HD Photos – You should use high-resolution photos so they will appear clear and crisp when advertising your space. Choosing the right camera and editing software can produce these results.
  • Highlight Best Features – Your photos must show how comfortable the rooms are and how they can fully enjoy and utilize the amenities. It’s best to highlight special spaces like the patio and fire pit to promote fun activities within the premises.
  • Use Appropriate Lighting – When taking photos, you must use good lighting. Take photos in the mid-morning or afternoon so natural light is not too bright or too dark.
  • Make a Shot List – List every room and special amenity you offer before conducting the shoot to ensure that no spaces are missed or forgotten.
  • Practice Your Shots – Take test shots to establish the best angle and lighting. This will save you from having to go back and conduct reshoots.

Listing Creation

Advertising is storytelling so make your listing searchable by choosing the right words. Create a compelling advertising copy by including a striking headline and an engaging summary:

  • Headlines – These are the first thing your audience will see when looking at listings. A striking headline includes the property type, number of beds, bathrooms, cost of rent, location, and an amenity that could attract an interested renter to consider staying long-term. An example would be “$1,013 4-beds, 2-bathroom Home in Fairhope with Quiet Home Office”
  • The Summary – This should include relevant keywords that will make your listing easily accessible online. This part of the copy should help prospective tenants decide whether this is the kind of property they are looking for. Highlight the amenities or renovations provided, describe the best rooms of the house, and include other details that would help them maximize their stay.

When crafting ad copy make sure to target the right audience by including the restrictions or limitations. An example would be your pet policy or rules about subletting. By clearly stating some policies upfront you’ll save both your and the prospect’s time since only truly interested and qualified candidates will apply.

Posting Your Ads

Marketing is all about connecting with interested tenants. To successfully reach these potential renters, you need to publish your listings in different channels to create awareness and provide them with a good avenue to contact you.

Engaging with your potential tenants puts you in a good position to answer their questions quickly and address any potential confusion about the listed property policies.

You can incorporate traditional ways of marketing your rental property but don’t solely depend on them. A professional yard sign is always a good idea to let passersby know about the rental’s availability. And depending on your target market, you can opt to publish your listings in your local newspapers or flyers.

In the digital age, however, potential renters use the internet and social media when searching for homes to stay in. It’s therefore best to post your listings on popular online listing platforms and social media sites.

Once published whether offline or online, always include how your prospective tenants can reach you, and make sure to keep your lines of communication open. Monitor your listings and be readily available to answer any questions.

Bottom Line

To reduce vacancies you need to have an effective marketing plan in place. Start by preparing the property, taking photos, and drafting engaging ad copy. From there post your listings far and wide and monitor their performance.

It can however be a challenge to advertise your rental property’s on your own. If you’re still unsure of where to start, you can reach out to our team Level Property Management Group for help. We are a professional rental property management company that has a proven track record in advertising rental properties, screening potential renters, collecting rent, and so much more.

For your rental property needs in Fairhope and surrounding areas, contact us at 251-210-1664 and we’ll be happy to assist you today!