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Are you searching for an experienced partner that can simplify your HOA management?

If yes, let us at the Level Property Management Group assist you.

With our strong industry expertise and skilled, professional team, you can trust that your HOA will be properly managed. We take time to learn your HOA needs and goals to always reach the best possible standards.

The requirements in handling a HOA can be rigorous with a lot of time and effort expended. Fortunately, our capable HOA management team can simplify the process. When you partner with the Level Property Management group, your community association becomes progressive, and customer focused.

Allow us to improve your HOA with our excellent community management services. Call us today at (251) 210 1664 or send us a message at leads@levelpmg.com. We welcome all inquiries and look forward to providing the best HOA services to your community.

Our Community Management Services

We provide full HOA management services, making sure that the community environment is clean to offering useful on-site services. At Level Property Management Group, we know the current issues faced by communities on the day-to-day and we design services that cater to those needs.

Delivering Maintenance and Upkeep

A regular maintenance system must be adopted to help in your community’s upkeep. Level Property Management Group has a set maintenance program we follow to create a clean environment.

Our team of HOA management experts makes sure that all amenities are inspected thoroughly and regularly for safety. Common areas such as recreation centers, community pools, parks, sports complexes, and fitness centers are checked consistently for to maintain their condition. Landscaping and curb appeal are also a priority to ensure a well-kept and valuable community.

We make sure that grasses are cut, shrubs are trimmed, and lawns are well-maintained. We also check on lighting and equipment around the community to ensure they’re functional. We’re flexible in providing a maintenance schedule that fits your community’s needs.

Here are the services we deliver:

  • Regular community inspections
  • Careful evaluation of maintenance professionals and vendors for cost-effective services
  • Attending to reviewing vendor invoices, processing vendor payments, and accepting bids from vendors
  • Supervising the services provided by contractors and vendors to ensure it remains compliant with the guidelines of the community
  • Handling insurance claims and dealing with requests for architectural changes


Creating Community Rules & Regulations

No two communities are the same and at the Level Property Management Group, we understand this thoroughly. We take time to review the community’s existing documents to understand the HOA rules and policies before enforcing them.

If these documents are not available, we can assist you crafting them to help your community reach its potential. Common HOA rules include:

  • Rules on addressing noise complaints
  • Restrictions on outside decors put up, especially during holiday seasons
  • Pet policies dealing with size, breed, and quantity
  • Policies on parking
  • Restrictions on the number of tenants
  • Limits on short-term rentals
  • Rules on architectural styles
  • Regulations on handling trash

We are also highly proficient in our understanding of the laws governing HOA’s and we always ensure that your HOA regulations remain compliant.

Providing Accounting Services

Organizing your financial paperwork is a must for your HOA. So, at the Level Property Management Group, we are highly skilled at proper recordkeeping. We help you by:

  • Issuing monthly income and expense reports
  • Reconciling monthly bank accounts
  • Keeping track of the sales of homes with the title companies
  • Lien filing
  • Monitoring HOA insurance policies
  • Tax preparation every year
  • Annual budget planning

Contributing Administrative Support

We are great at tackling a variety of situations that require a lot of communication. We can represent you professionally and help out in the following:

  • Collection of the annual assessments
  • Conducting follow-through on delinquent owners
  • Making sure that newsletters are mailed
  • Handling the logistics for annual meetings
  • Preparing meeting sessions and attending them per the board’s request
  • Providing quick answers to residents’ questions, and concerns, including resolving the complaints
  • Cooperating with local city agencies
  • Enforcing the rules and regulations of the community

Offering Customer Service

For HOA Management, we recognize the need to serve you residents and ensure their full satisfaction. We’re skilled when it comes to handling the typical concerns of homeowners, given our solid experience in the industry.

Disputes are normal in a community and we help iron out misunderstandings. We investigate the complaints and check the violations and we work on mediating to reach a peaceful agreement. If violations are proven then we ensure that fines are collected to avoid its recurrence.

We work to keep homeowners happy and lower the stress of the Board of Directors while still keeping up the excellent state of your HOA community.

About Level Property Management Group


Level Property Management Group has a proven reputation by managing a variety of HOA’s. A lot of advantages are provided when you partner with our experienced team. We offer flexibility in customizing services since we’re well aware that communities have differing needs.

You need not face multiple risks as we work to protect your interests and deliver outstanding community management services that elevate the quality of life of the residents. We’re always working to provide the best value and utilize our solid management experience.

As a results-oriented HOA management company, we’re efficient in our operations while still offering a stellar customer service. We help your HOA reach a pinnacle of success with our sensible management approach.

Here is what we pledge as your HOA manager:

  • Outstanding dedication in completing our management tasks
  • Transparent pricing
  • Community expertise
  • In-depth knowledge of the local and state laws

For dependable HOA services, call Level Property Management Group at (251) 210 1664 today!

Areas We Serve

In addition, we currently serve the areas of, Baldwin County, Gulph Shores, Fairhope, Daphne, Spanish Fort, Robertsdale, Loxley, Foley, and Orange Beach.